Hunt Volatility Funnel - Live Trading Days!

...peek over the shoulder of Francis Hunt - the originator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Trading Methodology as he analyses the markets before your very eyes, every first Friday of the month in two 90 minute sessions. 

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A Trading Day Comprise of not one but Two - 90 Minute Sessions

...each first Friday of the month there are two high energy live trading day sessions for you to join and participate in.

Forex, Equity & Commodity Live Non-Farm Payroll Session.

Starting an hour before the USA Non-Farm Payroll announcement on the first Friday of every month and lasting for 90 Minutes, in this  sessions Francis will focus on FX, Equity & Commodity markets utilising the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method to assess and hunt for live trade opportunities

WARNING: Trades may be taken by the presenter during this session on a Non-advisory basis.

First Friday Crypto Finds Live Webinar Session

Shortly after the Non-Farm Payroll session on the first Friday of the month, Francis will swap over to Crypto markets to asses where the best coins and tokens are to be found for trading, in either direction, in this dynamic and expansive market in another 90 minute dedicated session.

WARNING: Trades may be taken by the presenter during this session on a Non-advisory basis.

What you can expect:


Trading Day


30 day access to recordings

Reserve your seat on the next First Friday of the Month Trading Day

Non Farm Payroll FX, Equities and Commodities & Crypto Friday Finds session - over the shoulder trading day with Francis Hunt, the originator of The Hunt Volatility Method. Two 90 min sessions and 30 days access to recordings.

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3x Trading Days


90 day access to recordings

Pay for two get three trading days with Francis Hunt. Once a month, on the first Friday of the new month.

Non Farm Payroll and Friday Crypto Finds 2x 90 min sessions.

90 days access for each recording included.

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Francis Was Recently Named as a Top 100 Blockchain & Crypto Influencer

Stemming from his over 30 years of experience and deep immersion in trading and technical analysis of various markets, this unique approach to trading is the culmination of everything he found to have been valuable and profitable on a consistent, reliable basis, distilled into a single all-encompassing trading system that can easily be learned and internalised by others, Introducing the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Method.

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We look forward to seeing you on the next first Friday of the month - Live Trading Day for two insightful 90 minute sessions with Francis Hunt - analysing live markets and giving trade pointers along the way.

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